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Chanel, Caroline, Dong Zhujun, Monroe...These women were brought to the hotel?

Date: 2020-03-09

In the long history of the hotel, the female is in our own strength and aesthetic, gently create a legend, or with the hotel to become bosom friend, brief encounter, even in the later, also is a much-told story.

In the holiday of women, if to be traced to explore, we is not hard to find, even the most sensitive women, can also bring some unexpected "change", may be a chance to try become a tradition, also may be a long and unique ideas have not ripples.More women, after the self-awareness awakening, bursting with amazing creativity and influence.

In the hotel industry, is the creator and creation, never regardless of gender.Women, can be the creator of the hotel, or even rule makers, because their existence, the hotel industry is much more a a heart flutter of bright color.

Caroline Rose Hunt

Magnificent hotel

Caroline, founder of the magnificent Rose Hunt in 55 years old, bought Texas King cotton Sheppard King mansion.In 1979, Caroline formed a magnificent hotel.1980 the officially opened by the mansion hotel, opened a "private house mansion hotel".The sitting room of hotel lobby is like a house, the household articles for use that restore ancient ways with strewn at random have send, and complement the modern works of art on the wall.Without any decoration, only on wood cabinet, sofa, restoring ancient ways and the art of painting on the wall to foil will be enough.The emergence of magnificent hotel for industry added a rose has the qualities of women.

Dong Zhujun

Jinjiang hotel

Female musicians from the brothel to Mrs Viceroy to difficult venture, Dong Zhujun life is ups and downs.In 1935, Dong Zhujun jinjiang sichuan cuisine was officially open, at the beginning of 1936, has been set up in Dong Zhujun jinjiang teahouse.She moves in the 25-year-old Shanghai police commander, jin-rong huang, between the mobsters and other dignitaries, showed his wisdom, talent and courage, the liberation of Shanghai, in accordance with the municipal public security bureau and the municipal party committee's instructions, she is cast with jinjiang two store personnel, founded the jinjiang hotel, in Shanghai after liberation important reception hotel reception central leaders and foreign guests.

Coco Chanel

The ritz hotel in Paris

Coco Chanel in 1937 at the ritz hotel suites, 5 minutes' walk from the hotel to her shop, she did not know that he might be a suite in the 34 years.Coco Chanel with ritz Paris, from the hotel and the guests, each other into achievement, "bosom friend" 2 words, perhaps can explain the relationship between the more.Coco Chanel the ritz in Paris, I find countless inspiration, she half against the fireplace, looking at the opposite of square, for the Chanel N ° 5 took the first a poster advertising.She even fully decorated according to his be fond of the room, the room are branded on every detail of the style of chanel, this has become her home, and even here to say goodbye to the world.And hotel in every casual memorial, tell you: this is Coco Chanel Paris Liz.Guests can try to walk again when the Chanel path, in the hotel for her "exclusive channel" to go out, walk less than 3 minutes, can reach the first area of Paris Kang Peng street, 31, and this is the first store Chanel.Ritz closed overhaul in 2012, also follow like the style of Coco Chanel, prepared a gift for Chanel Chanel between - the world's first Spa.

Marilyn Monroe

The Beverly Hills Hotel

Has a long history of The Beverly Hills Hotel (The Beverly Hills Hotel) since it opened in 1946 has always maintained a elegant, quiet and private, is The first selection of Hollywood celebrities make for quite a long time, even to be seen as "home outside of The home", among them, The legendary actress Marilyn Monroe has lived in this Hotel for ten years.And Monroe's legendary life, also become the no.1 villa hotel unique design blueprint.Whimsical design elements for the smell of unique charm and youthful energy in space, not only reflect her most famous movie character, of southern California on behalf of her greatest love life more.Marilyn Monroe preference Jean MichelFrank design, so the design of the villa also modeled after home, she had lived in its style.In addition to the guest room of Chanel NO. 5 perfume from Monroe's legendary "what drops of Chanel NO. 5 (dream) I only wearing Chanel NO. 5 perfume", guest room menu design inspiration comes from Monroe in 1952 and an interview Pageant magazine: "I was at home the dinner is very simple.Every night I will be in the hotel near the vegetable market to buy steak, lamb chops or liver ingredients, cooked in the furnace inside the room, plus a few raw carrots, this is my dinner."No one can tell, the female has much impact on the hotel, create or provide inspiration, but they leave the house outside the "home" of the most prominent of the treasure.Borrow the shadow of life, provided a peek into the outstanding women, suffered from pain and struggle, and to how strong, brave and soft, leading with their followers, search together for a period of limited "no life".