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The directors of cultural and tourism departments from many places entered the battlefield to 'live the goods' and the 'May 1st' passenger competition began in advance

Date: 2020-04-16

The recent "May 1st" holiday vacation consumer demand has accelerated the release trend.

Half a month before the "May Day" small holiday, the competition for tourists in the province has already begun. On April 14, a reporter from the Beijing Business Daily learned from many pigs such as Feizhu and Ctrip that after the recent announcement of the five-day holiday on May Day, the popularity of the local tourism market was quickly ignited. The volume of product searches for group tours and free travel soared by more than 300% month-on-month. Although China's cross-provincial tourism has not yet been liberalized, it does not affect all localities to compete for the "May Day" tourist source in the province. It is reported that the directors of the Bureau of Culture and Tourism of Guilin, Sanya, Hangzhou, Tonglu, Lin'an, Yuhang, Jiande and other relevant officials of the Bureau of Culture and Tourism of Sanya, Yangshuo and Xiufeng all said that they will personally board the OTA platform "Goods", shouting flags for local tourism resources and cooperating with the launch of a batch of discount products. In the industry's view, for tourists in the province, most of the traditional tourism resources are no longer uncommon. How to repackage various products and make new routes in various places is more critical in this round of competition for passenger sources in the province.

The speed of the Qingming holiday vacation market is recovering faster than the industry expects. Although the domestic inter-provincial tourism has not been unblocked, many local cultural and tourism departments, scenic spots, and tourism companies have already prepared for the "May 1" holiday vacation products in advance. . According to the relevant person in charge of Flying Pig, from April 14th, in a week-long period, the directors of cultural tourism in Guilin, Sanya, Hangzhou and other places will personally go live to bring live goods. Among them, the Director of the Bureau of Culture and Tourism of the four districts of Tonglu, Lin'an, Yuhang and Jiande in Hangzhou will use live broadcasts to "Amway" local characteristic tourism resources, covering old docks, ancient villages, national parks, aviation towns and other forms. Many supporting tourism products are promoted by discounts and discounts to stimulate tourists to book and purchase.

In fact, the recent "May 1st" holiday vacation consumer demand has accelerated the release trend. The latest data released by the China Tourism Research Institute show that during the Qingming holiday, the domestic tourism market has recovered 40% year-on-year, and some areas are showing signs of strong recovery. The upcoming "May Day" five consecutive days off will also further accelerate the recovery of the tourism industry. According to Ctrip statistics, just after Beijing and other places announced the five-day Labor Day holiday this year, the search volume of the platform for group tours and free travel increased by more than 300% in a day. Ctrip believes that from the current data analysis, the number of domestic tourist arrivals during the "May Day" holiday is expected to reach a recent high, reaching more than twice that of Qingming, becoming the first tourism peak since this year. Among them, short- and medium-distance travel and intra-provincial tourism continue to recover Therefore, the "guaranteed supply" of tourism enterprises will accelerate the recovery of the market. "From Qingming to" May Day ", the increase of holidays from 3 days to 5 days will effectively stimulate more tourists to choose more than 3 days of multi-day trips and overnight trips. Therefore, this year's Labor Day holiday has a" compensatory consumption " The probability is higher. "Peng Liang, a researcher at the Ctrip Tourism Big Data Lab, said.

It is reported that currently, the search and booking of "May Day" peripheral games on various OTA platforms are generally showing a rapid rise. Taking Ctrip as an example, more than 70% of tourists on the platform said they would choose to travel by car during the Golden Week. At the same time, due to the signs of recovery in the group tour market, Ctrip has already launched more than 40,000 intra-province group tour routes. From the industry's point of view, for the provincial tourists who are the main force of the "May Day" tourism, most of the well-known local tourist attractions are no longer new. Only in this way can we seize the opportunities in this round of competition for passengers.