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Foreign media: China domestic travel recovery, tourism consumer confidence is restored

Date: 2020-07-08

Singapore lianhe zaobao, two days before China's Dragon Boat Festival holiday, China has received 37.077 million domestic tourists, domestic tourism income is 9.66 billion yuan.China railway group co., LTD., Dragon Boat Festival small long vacation first day, China railway passengers 7.53 million person-time, record daily after the Spring Festival transportation capacity.

According to the Associated Press, with China's new epidemic prevention and control situation is improving, some foreign travel company has to restart its tourism business in China.Since April, China's domestic tourism market there are signs of recovery, the aviation industry experts are expected before return to international tourism level, most of the domestic tourism projects can restore to the previous situation.Since the outbreak, as countries around the world travel control to prevent further spread of epidemic, and at the same time pay close attention to the development of China's tourism market, and use it as a reference for future planning.

New crown pneumonia outbreak let China's tourism industry has received the unprecedented impact, under unprecedented pressure.Initially affected the market.From January 23 to march, the middle of almost all organized Tours to stop, the development of the tourism market is facing huge challenges.Main work of the government work, tourism system changed from "prosperity market, ensure supply" to "stop group, guan scenic area and control the outbreak".On March 12, notice the Chinese culture and tourism, the provincial area (city) in order to restore tourism growth within the province (city), the prevention and control of the country into the new stage to return to work.

From the Spring Festival, tomb-sweeping day, labor day and Dragon Boat Festival holiday tourism market, domestic tourism recovery rising trend is very clear.Among them, the tomb-sweeping day holiday 3 days, 43.254 million, the total number of domestic tourism recovery 38.6% year-on-year;Realize the tourism income of 8.26 billion yuan, recovery 19.3% year-on-year.5 days labor holiday, domestic tourism reception of the total number of 115 million people, domestic tourism income of 47.56 billion yuan, compared with the recovery of 53.5% and 37.6% respectively.The Dragon Boat Festival holiday 3 days, the domestic tourism and tourism revenue total recovery momentum is very obvious.Data show that the tourism consumption confidence is returning, industries began to accumulate, the motion of the tourism economy bottomed out and stability to the good trend continues.

The biggest impact in the second half of 2020, China's tourism market from the epidemic prevention and control situation can be effective stability, especially in Beijing can be effective prevention and control of epidemic diseases.At present, China's rebound against input, inside outside pressure is relatively large, the situation is relatively complex.In this case, the recovery and development of the tourism business is across the province industry an important signal of confidence restored.The Chinese government will let go across the province tourism business as soon as possible at the right time.As long as the cross-regional tourism business opened up, the transformation of tourism market and the revitalization of industry has great hope.Market returns to the main influence factors include: the first is the consumer confidence;The second is new momentum in the development of industry, how to use science and technology and large data well, promote the development of the digital tourism culture and wisdom.The third is the policy factors, including the central government and local government bail-out problem solving for tourism policy.

Since the outbreak, tourism enterprises face difficulties, challenges and pressures.Shortly after the outbreak, culture and tourism department has launched a temporarily refund 80% travel service quality margin, restore the province (city) in the business of tourism, scenic spot to make an appointment to open, and adjust the direction of tourism development fund use policy support for tourism enterprises;Local governments have introduced policies to help companies spend challenges, such as Beijing inbound travel directly give awards and subsidies;Send to department by the new infrastructure, culture and tourism public spending and project construction, bring new confidence and momentum for the tourism industry development.In the first half of the whole, not for travel and the spread of the outbreak and spread, not to have the tourism enterprises widespread failures and staff's widespread unemployment, there is no significant stakeholders brigade safety accidents and tourist complaints, shows that the majority of visitors of the tourism industry to adopt measures is identity, understanding.

Since the third quarter, the mainland tourism industry will turn into on the basis of the domestic market of industrial revitalization of the new stage.As domestic provinces gradually let go swimming, tourism consumption and willingness to travel will further increase obviously.Plus summer tourism and the Mid-Autumn festival, National Day holiday tourism market's strong support, and the inhabitants of our country high savings rate, more potential tourist market demand will be released in the second half of the order.For a period of time in the future, peripheral tourism, rural tourism, urban leisure tourism, culture and tourism integration development, will become the main melody of the development of the tourism industry, will also become the new space for market recovery and industries.In this process, tourism industry should focus on the demands for visitors to the safety and quality, take effective measures to provide tourists with safe, quality assured tourism products.As long as there is satisfaction, visitors will be the acquisition, the tourism industry of the future is the reliable guarantee.

Since the outbreak, the entry and exit of China tourism market has also been greatly affected, at present, the entry and exit travel only around 15% of the level to normal.As China's outbound tourism market shrinking, the international community, especially some of the major overseas tourist destination countries and regions, also feel the huge market pressure.Look from publicly reported, many mainly open to Chinese tourists travel companies are greatly affected.On the premise of effectively control the outbreak, as long as the recovery and orderly development of China's tourism market in China for the global tourism recovery recovery leading role will be highlighted.