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China's tourism gaining momentum, become the main force of the new forms

Date: 2020-07-11

As to effectively control the outbreak, people travel will gradually improve, vigorous tourism market demand will be released in the second half of the order, China's tourism.

In the future, tourism recovery revitalization will continue and epidemic prevention and control.Road, custom, and other domestic travel outbound rv new formats will continue as the main recovery revitalization.

Travel will continue to improve

China's tourism research institute survey data show: the residents travel willingness of 80.22% in the third quarter, the recovery by about ninety percent over the previous year, drive travel and choose natural scenic area proportion was forty percent respectively.China's tourism research institute, said dai bin as domestic provinces gradually let go swimming, tourism consumption and willingness to travel will further increase obviously.With summer tourism and the Mid-Autumn festival, National Day holiday tourism market's strong support, such as more potential tourist market demand will be released in the second half of the order.

Ctrip recently released "in the second half of the tourism intention survey" shows that consumers are willing to spend more time and cost on holidays, most looking forward to the domestic long distance travel.In the western region and hainan would be preferred in travel.57.1% of respondents said that if you don't the outbound tourism recovery this year, will consider increase domestic travel frequency.From ctrip orders recently, free line, with the group tour in the province, up to the three types of customized tour is reserved, the number of car rental has been restored to the level of last year.

People have confidence in promoting tourism prospects.The reporter understands from flying pigs, recent travel market is a new feature, more and more people choose the hoarding travel, buying travel booking products, low-cost travel lock in the future, family parent-child groups accounted for 66%.This year by more than sixty percent of consumers plan to increase travel budgets.

Recently, the hainan islands passenger duty-free shopping policy also bolstered the hainan tourism.Travel with cheng, according to data on July 1, only on the same day, ticket and hotel sanya searches up nearly 200% on the previous day.With the relevant person in charge of trip, said: "with continuous upgrading of hainan tourism infrastructure and experience, plus tax exemption policy advantage," travel + duty-free shopping "will become the characteristics of the hainan tourism business card.Hainan is expected to become a summer popular tourist destination."

Science to accelerate industry revitalization

After three tomb-sweeping day, labor day, and Dragon Boat Festival holiday, local tourism and domestic market first short-range restoration.According to China's tourism research institute (cultural and tourism data center) of the statistic, five months before the national rural tourism reception number 1.47 billion, city tour in 980 million, compared with the recovery of 75% and 60% respectively.Swim around recovery 64% year-on-year to 445 million passengers.Road trip Numbers recovery 59% year-on-year to 147 million.

Tourism research center special researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Wu Reshan believes that in epidemic prevention and control under the background of normalized, exploring tour before, line, after the new mode, the service of tourism departments, enterprises and consumers together to do a good job of security tourism travel each link, the recovery will be the future industry the important issues in the process of a long period.Tourism consumption recovery after the recovery of the revitalization of should be fully integrated into the epidemic to revitalize the national overall situation, accurate docking for brigade enterprise development needs, to explore the financial, insurance, taxes, capital, talent, science and technology support in areas such as tourism recovery package of hui qi, hui city, huimin policy, rich tourism recovery revitalization policy "toolbox".

Cyts Tours chief brand officer Xu Xiaolei believe that tourism is a new industry often change chang, trough in the industry to break the inertial thinking and path dependence, market-oriented, plotting a new move, find a breakthrough.After disease, user needs to adjust, tourism enterprises to promote the product form innovation, speed up the iterative, speed up technology can assign.

Become the main force of the new forms

Epidemic situation reversed transmission new forms of tourism development.In the first half of the tourism industry to accelerate the transforming to online, online experience "online traveling".Wu Reshan thought, with the aid of big data, Internet of things, emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, the build online immersive experience has great market potential.Traditional tourism with the aid of new technology and equipment, intelligent tourism, immersive experience, cloud, cloud museum, cloud exhibition, anchor belt goods such as new forms will be booming.

Self-drive travel dynamic, short short trips, city near outing, family holidaying in continuous hot, become a drive toward recovery is the important fulcrum of tourism.At the same time, the car was welcomed by more and more tourists.Ctrip, according to data from the big cover Shanghai, sanya, shenzhen, guangzhou, chengdu, chongqing, kunming, hangzhou and other places of more than two hundred rv swim circuit is quite popular, during the dragon boat, rv travel outside Beijing quarter-on-quarter growth of 40% the previous week.

Hornet's nest Feng Rao tells a reporter, head of the tourism research center, a new tourism market environment, consumer travel experience the chain has been greatly extended.In the face of the familiar city, people to travel to the depth and breadth of experience put forward the new requirements.June the first three weeks, camping search heat rose by 122%.

"From the developing trend of the future, outdoor scenic spots, theme park, such as synthesis, the home stay facility, the urban tourism experience, to create new forms such as characteristic themes article will receive more rapid development."Xu Xiaolei thought.