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Summer home stay facility consumer trends: cross-provincial growth significantly, month-on-month increase by more than 50%

Date: 2020-07-20

On July 20, wooden bird home stay facility released the 2020 summer tourism consumption trend of home stay facility report (hereinafter referred to as "report"), according to the report, by the end of the 19th, July platform orders year-on-year growth of 13% last year, the year-on-year growth by more than 50% last month.

From the point of report data, watching the sea summer visit is still the most popular topic, Qingdao, qinhuangdao, xiamen and other coastal city of the build-up of heat.Visit the countryside to relax topic in second place.Summer take children to play in the amusement park chang, as many parents walk the choice of Eva and relax yourself, such as Shanghai, guangzhou chime-long paradise on the hot spots, and around the home stay facility reserve hot.

Time delay a month, the national college entrance examinations this year summer collided with primary and secondary schools, this year summer vacation time is relatively concentrated, summer travel and home stay booking in concentrated form.From almost two months of home stay facility to booking cancel after verification, by the end of the 19th, July booking voucher amount of cancel after verification has been achieved in June 3 times.

Wooden bird home stay relevant controller introduces, "summer is the second half of this year's first appearance, wooden bird with the big contributors to summer activities had been launched in early July, multiple preferential consumption demand, boost tourism accommodation market recovery."

The trends of integral order data from July, starting on July 6, order straight line rise, growth is obvious.End of the college entrance examination, many parents and children become vanguard of summer to swim, they choose to go out for a walk and see before result not released, alleviate the pressure of learning in recent months.

On July 14, "team swam across the province" after the news of the background orders growth significantly, directly lead against the same period last year 10%, 5 times compared with orders in early growth, including provinces swim orders growth significantly.

From the point of data, since July 14, the heat of the summer tour to leap, users especially swim outside the province's passion to travel, to be able to release.By the end of the 19th, the order is still a straight line on the upside, growth curve, growth momentum.

In addition, the summer is different from previous years, this year summer stay in the home stay facility, users tend to go along with the order, and even on the day of the reservation on the day of the living, accommodation waiting period is greatly reduced.From the point of data report, on the day of the order on the same day in user proportion is as high as 32%, choose 1 and 2 days in advance booking of users accounted for 21% and 17%, 3 days or more users accounted for only 30%.From the point of proportional allocation, 7 into the user to select finish booking 3 days before travel.