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Shanghai hotel security import expo reception zoning classification detection

Date: 2018-07-17

As the 2018 China import expo intensive preparation, the Shanghai accommodation reception become the important link of guarantee service.
To guarantee accommodation reception during the expo, Shanghai will start the hotel division classification monitoring, to control the price within a reasonable range.According to introducing, since July 1, the city tourism bureau will jointly relevant departments of the city's room reservation rate and room price monitoring sampling, spot check every 10 days time, once found unreasonable high price, will be the first time interview related operators, shall be ordered to standardize the business behavior.City tourism market management office director, said if any abnormal situation found that home prices, according to the price law to take the corresponding supervision and management, at the same time, also is on the basis of "contract law" to carry out supervision.

You give visitors a good reservation contract, for example, a release, not temporary also cannot have a no-trade clause.According to the former stage to touch, now there are more than 8000 housing units in Shanghai, about 500000 rooms.Among them, the national exhibition center around changning, putuo, minhang, qingpu, jiading, songjiang district, there are more than 2200 hotels and 150000 rooms.If necessary, will start the long triangle linkage.

At present, Shanghai has been associated with jiangsu, zhejiang, tourism department in peak condition, Yangtze river delta region of the hotel can also supplement the houses in Shanghai.

National standard star endorsement, the traveling hotel service security, the new Shanghai hotel service according to the standard to carry out the chain of non-standard service switching fusion and social economy, reasonable prices, friendly service, comfortable environment will become China import expo Shanghai hotel quality and the best hotel business card.