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In more than 1700 expo will to Shanghai hotel offers nearly 280000 rooms

Date: 2018-07-24

The first China international import expo 100 - day countdown, relevant security work is hard.

On July 23, the reporter learns from Shanghai municipal tourism administration, at present, the import expo travel support group has been established, in command personally head, above three-star hotel in the city (including three-star) 1700, provides nearly 280000 rooms guarantee accommodation.

More than three-star hotel offers nearly 280000 rooms

Import expo travel security set by the municipal tourism administration jointly with the municipal food drug safety, city industrial and commercial bureau, the municipal price bureau, municipal culture bureau, municipal commerce committee, management committee of hongqiao, import BoLanJu, railway, airport group, changning, putuo, minhang, jiading, songjiang, qingpu, national conference and exhibition center (Shanghai), jinjiang group, ctrip travel, China together to form a live group, etc.

Travel security group since its inception, has repeatedly organization held a working meeting, set up a working group to contact mechanism (micro letter group), and travel security work for the specific division of labor, to coordinate international import expo China lodging hospitality and tourism services, etc.

Also strengthen job security mechanism within the authority of the tourism board, set up in command personally charge system of organization mechanism and the weekly meetings, in view of the daily work of pushing travel security group, inform the command for travel security work, the requirements of the relevant departments as a whole, item by item, and implement.At the same time, strengthen the information security group communication, maintain internal information communication in time, leak fill a vacancy, together hand in hand.

Shanghai municipal tourism administration's request, to provide accommodation security work.Each hotel, accommodation units are subject to the city as a whole, priority import expo guests demand;We need to control the hotel prices within a reasonable range, not malicious, involuntary, standard management, good faith management;Look to the Chinese and foreign guests needs, provide the internationalization, specialization, personalized service.

As an important part of import expo service work, the municipal tourism administration attaches great importance to the hotel security work, for the major hotel groups (enterprise), including the east lake, hengshan group, jinjiang group, intercontinental group and the marriott group, etc., form a work mechanism dynamic make room reservation summary every week.Dynamic master major travel agencies room reservations, does the hotel group information, leak fill a vacancy.In addition, the city tourism bureau combed the whole city three-star above (contain three-star standard) hotel accommodation guarantee supply list, more than a total of about 1700 hotels, nearly 280000 - room accommodation support capability, and in the relevant channels, the relevant parties for use contacts.

Aimed at the problem of housing demand increase prices may lead to instability, joint city industrial and commercial bureau and price bureau to strengthen the trend of the tourism board, on the one hand, set up a hotel reservation and price monitoring mechanism, through the guest room, guest room reservation rate price for real-time monitoring, in the event of "full house" and "overbooking", timely warning, organize and adjust the properties of surrounding area;Starting price integrity commitment mechanism on the other hand, to guide enterprise standard reservation contract, strictly investigate overlord provision, put an end to a release behavior happens randomly, carefully to do a good job of import expo stability control prices.

According to the guests custom refinement reception plan

Shanghai municipal tourism administration for the industry to further grasp refinement implement, let the Chinese and foreign guests experience Shanghai tourism high quality service.

A carefully controlled continues the mission requirements, refining stage work target, and will refine the tasks to the hillock, clear to the people, down to day.At the same time considering the guest of traditional customs and etiquette, targeted to develop and refine the reception plan, to actively carry out differentiation, personalization, humanistic service.Second, we must grasp training, specification and quality.Give full consideration to the extreme importance of import expo, grooming, reception etiquette, job skills, language communication, safety management and emergency treatment of focus, such as organizing job training, skills training, improve the foreign language level of the service personnel, service skills, communication skills, to ensure that the Chinese and foreign guests' spirits, satisfied but return.

To better improve the quality of tourism services in Shanghai, on the one hand, in view of the tourist industry of the tourism board words words specification, and the city language work committee office, together to meet import expo public social words in both English and Chinese special inspection corrective action, organization "woodpecker" volunteer service, go to every corner of the city, to implement special inspection of society in both English and Chinese words in public places.On the other hand around improve service quality, focus group third party inspections, to hotels and scenic spots for centralized investigations, pay attention to service details, find problems, to strengthen the rectification, to improve service quality.

Tourism public service work is also a guarantee of the tourism board import expo a key link.

City tourism bureau is making a batch of new tourism propaganda materials, will be through the Shanghai tourism publicity, ratten, touch screen, such as hotel cable TV channel, into the hotel, into the venue, into the community, for the customers to understand the latest Shanghai tourism information, and select 50 key hotels, tourism information, touch screen, ratten, welcome card, etc. Series standard supporting services.

Shanghai 20 comprehensive tourist service center service upgrade work is racing to promote, at the same time to pudong and hongqiao station, port and two field tourist service center construction, strive to change before eleven image, improve service.

In addition, the city tourism bureau also requires enterprises to establish tourism experience high-quality goods.Travel agencies enterprises to actively participating merchants demand docking to Shanghai, Shanghai red culture, local culture, jiangnan culture connotation, integrate quality tourism resources, carefully designed to arrange half day, a day, days before the meeting to swim fine lines.Scenic spots, resorts to mark the international first-class standard, improve supporting service facilities, planning characteristic theme activities actively, improve the quality of tourist experience and comfort, and sensitivity.